Disposal of food waste,litter and water.

Before clients begin with cooking explain the policies for disposal of food waste, litter and waste water as follows.

Sign post them to the assigned bin liner/s for waste.

Materials that could decompose naturally e.g. uncooked peelings can be left on site or placed in a separate container for composting at home.


Disposal of litter – All litter should be bagged up and removed from site.

Foil/ tins are a particular hazard and should not be left as they will not decompose at all.

Plastics/ glass could be kept separate to other waste in order for them to be recycled.

Disposal of food - All food should be bagged up and taken away except for small amounts of raw peelings which may be left for natural decomposition.


Wherever possible the recycling policy for the local authority should be adhered to.

Land fill waste should be kept separate and disposed of at home in the usual green bin.

Water disposal- Grey water should be removed from site and disposed of down a drain.

Clean water can be used for the dowsing of the fire. Any excess water can be tipped away on site.


Before leaving the site a designated person will carry out a site check to ensure that it is left with no trace.