Walking to a Forest School Site


All children should be registered at the school before departure to the woodland.


All children should be given the opportunity for toileting prior to departure.


All children should be checked to ensure that they have sufficient and appropriate clothing for the outdoors.


During cold weather hats, gloves and scarves are to be worn in addition to a warm water proof coat. During warm weather light clothing that provides complete cover of the skin should be worn. This will provide protection from bites and stings and also strong sun. Sun hats and sun cream should also be used during hot weather.


NB: Children should also be wearing wellington boots or robust walking boots.

Prior to leaving schools premises a risk/benefits assessment should have been completed by the Forest School leader.A copy of this and a copy of the register should be left with the school office.


The forest school leader will have checked for any dietary/ medical/ learning barriers prior to the session. The forest school leader will only take children that have parental consent.


The forest school leader and assistant should have a mobile phone with the schools number entered before leaving the premises. Batteries should be checked to ensure that there is sufficient life in them to last for the duration of the session.


All children should be present for the briefing before beginning the walk to the woodland.


The briefing should comprise of the following points:


Children should walk in twos unless instructed to form into single file when negotiating hazards.


The line of children should be stationary and close together prior to attempting to cross any roads.


The forest school leader will check that the road is safe before instructing children that it is safe to cross.


Children at the front of the line should be given a waiting place on the other side of the road prior to crossing.


When all children have crossed the road the forest school leader will then resume position at the front of the line.


The assistant will walk at the back of the line.


Children should be vigilant to hazards such as dog mess and warn others to step over or around any such hazards.


On arrival at the woodland children will help to carry any resources from the car to the Forest school gateway.


Children will be free to engage in the session only when the password for the day has been given and a Health and Safety talk has been discussed specifically for the planned woodland session.


All children are to be instructed that if they hear three blasts of the whistle it is a sign to return to the home tree as quickly as possible.