Tree Climbing

Jentree Forest Schools tree climbing procedure


All adults to read this policy before supporting children on a Forest School session.


•Children to only climb trees when an adult is available to supervise the activity.


•An adult must be present at all times when children climb trees.


•Children are permitted to explore their own limits or to a maximum of 1.5 metres.


•Children only to climb trees assessed as suitable by the adult. I.e.  Limbs must be at least the girth of the child’s upper leg. The tree should be inspected for its general health. If there is any trace of canker or other health problems, it should not be deemed as a tree fit for climbing.


•An adult should be near enough to catch if a child should fall but far enough away to not be invasive to the children’s exploration


•Before each session the ground cover is checked for sharp objects and loose debris


•Before each session the tree is checked for loose and rotten branches and made safe.


•Before each session the tree is checked for any vandalism which may have caused the tree to become damaged and unstable.


•No loose clothing and sensible footwear should be worn.