Fire Safety

Fire Procedure


Fires and the use of Kelly kettles are an important part of Forest School and other sessions.

Jentree Forest School aims to ensure that all people participating in sessions with fires and/or Kelly kettles will do so safely and with as little risk to their health as possible. Fires will only be used where it is appropriate to do so and where there has been an agreement with the site owner prior to the session.


A specific health and safety briefing will be given to all group members prior to engaging in activities involving the use of fire.


The forest school leader will explain to participants the importance of using only dead wood for fires and also of the importance of dead wood as a habitat.


Smoke inhalation will be reduced by burning dead wood. Those in smoky areas will be encouraged to move to less smoky areas.


•A fire circle will be set up by the children for the children using a 1.5m branch to measure the space that is to be designated as the fire circle. This will be demarcated by the laying of branches on the ground.


•No one is allowed to enter the fire circle without the permission of the Forest school leader.


•No more than two children will be allowed into the fire circle at any one time.


•A forest school leader will be present within the fire circle at all times.


•Children outside the fire circle will be seated whenever possible.


•Children will enter and exit the fire circle in a designated way.


•Fires will only be lit in a fire pit situated within a stone hearth.


•Children will only be allowed to light fires under direct supervision of a trained leader using suitable materials and equipment


•A lit fire will be supervised by an adult at all times, as will all cooking activities


•Related safety equipment, including heat-proof gloves, a fire blanket, a burns kit and water will be kept within close range of the fire


•All fires should be fully extinguished and all traces removed at the end of a session.