Emergency Action Plan


Jentree Forest School emergency action plan for Forest school sessions


This action plan is to be accessible at all times to staff and helpers

In the event of an emergency were a child needs to be taken to hospital the Forest school leader will alert the school office immediately via mobile phone.


The casualty will be assessed and attended to by our qualified first aiders


If the casualty is mobile they will be accompanied to the school office and attended to by office staff first aiders. An assessment will be made as to whether a member of staff collects the casualty or whether they are able to walk.


If necessary, the casualty would be accompanied to hospital by a staff member.

The rest of the group will be gathered together by three blasts of a whistle and taken back to school by a member of staff.


If a forest school leader or a member of staff needed emergency treatment the school office would be notified and the children would be taken back to school by a member of staff.


An itemised first aid kit will be available to Forest school leaders at all times.


Minor injuries will be treated on site by the forest school leader’s trained first aiders or taken back to the school office by a helper or member of staff where they will receive first aid by the trained office staff.


In the event of a serious injury where the casualty cannot be moved the FS leader will direct staff accordingly. School will be alerted for a member of staff to collect the other children; a member of staff will wait at the top end of the woodland in order to direct the ambulance service on to site. The FS leader and assistant will remain with the casualty.


All incidents will be recorded in accordance with the schools Health and Safety Policy.


Forest school leaders, staff and helpers will have mobile phones accessible at all times.


Useful numbers will be stored in each person’s phone.

Forest school leaders to carry whistle.


Useful Numbers        

Emergency services 999  

Arthur Medical Centre 01332 880249